Defence Ministry: “We Carry Out Educational Activities In Libya”

Defence Ministry: “We Carry Out Educational Activities In Libya” 13 March, 2020

The Ministry of National Defence made a press release covering Syria, Libya, the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. As part of the agreement signed with Russia, it was stated that both parties continue preparations for joint patrol on March 15. While it was announced that the Turkish Armed Forces performed military training and consultancy activities in Libya with the decree adopted on January 2, it was underlined that the mentioned training and consultancy activities were carried out with personnel depending on the need. Suggesting that the ledger forces continue the artillery and missile firings targeting especially Mitiga Airport, MSB closely follows the developments in the region.


Regarding MSB Eastern Mediterranean, “Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha and Oruç Reis continue their activities within the framework of our legitimate rights arising from international law, and our Fatih and Yavuz drilling vessels; During the activities, security support is provided from the sea and air. ” made the explanation.

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