MSD: Defence is an Art 10 September, 2019

Gazi University Modern Defence Technologies Society (Modern Savunma Teknolojileri Topluluğu/MST) has members from different departments. By placing information at its core focus, the community aims to work together for the homeland.

C4Defence: When was the Gazi Modern Defence Technologies Community founded and what is its scope?

MST: Gazi University Modern Defence Technologies Society adventure started on 12 December 2017. For centuries, technology has been used first in the military field and then in the civil field. As MST, we seek studentship as knowledge. Our main focus is on the information. We have members from engineering, law, architecture, industrial design departments. We are aware that defence is of great importance for our country and we are trying to increase this awareness. We know that defence is not just about equipment, so when developing ourselves in the field of technology, we are also trying to learn other disciplines. We defend that the defence is an art.


Issue 83