Sixth Generation Concept in Combat Planes

Sixth Generation Concept in Combat Planes 8 November, 2019

France-based Airbus, revealed some basic details of a classified program that will feed into the endeavour to replace the Eurofighter Typhoon. The platform is similar in design to Northrop Grumman's X-47A Pegasus UAV. The super stealthy shape was arrived at in an effort to greatly reduce all relevant signatures – radar, infrared, visual and acoustic.  The tailless aircraft concept features concealed air intakes at the leading edges of the wing – and the engine outlet is flat. With a length and width of 12 meters, the four-ton design is close to 1: 1 combat aircraft representation. Whether a flying version of the design will evolve from the static test version is unclear. While Airbus refuses to provide information about the process, the company also plans to use the information acquired in the sixth generation design in Typhoon's modernization processes.
Airbus is certain that the knowledge gained will not only feed into the Eurofighter replacement – known as the Future Combat Air System – but also into further upgrades of Typhoon itself

Issue 86