Ballistic Missile Trial During Joint Exercise

Ballistic Missile Trial During Joint Exercise 3 March, 2020

North Korea, which getting negative reactions from the world due to its nuclear program and ballistic missile trials, continues its firing tests despite pressures.

North Korea launched a joint exercise on February 28 with the participation of force commands. Two short-range ballistic missiles were launched at 12.37 local time as part of the activities that Kim Jong-un also participated in and inspected. In a statement from the Republic of Korea, Pyongyang directed two missilestowards the Sea of Japan. After the 20-second interval launchs, the systems fell down into the sea, following a ballistic trajectory with a top of 35 km at a range of 240 km. While the US and Korean experts started the study to identify the missiles, it was stated that the trial was the first short-range missile firing experience for 2020.

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