NASA Needs Rifles

NASA Needs Rifles 1 July, 2019

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) decided to buy magazine fed, semi-automatic light assault rifle. The procurement specifications was published in the US government’s Federal Business Opportunities website last day.

Required specificaions have announced. According to this; the rifle is compatible and reliable for different tasks, as well as the different features requested. Accordingly, the weapons to be procured are required to chambered 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. In addition, the rifle barrel inner faces are made of Armornite barrel finnish with chrome-plated 4140 steel, Barrel twist of 1: 9 inches, weight less than 3,000 grams and length is requested to be less than 889 mm. Weapons required to be fed with 30 rounds magazines must be equipped with A2 adjustable front sight and adjustable Magpul foldable Troy rear sight, semi-automatic gas mechanism, six position adjustable buttstock, polymer grip, matt black aluminum body and suitable for military conditions.

The number of rifles to be provided is not specified, the budget was announced to be 15,000 USD.

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