NATO Standard Kalashnikov

NATO Standard Kalashnikov 20 August, 2020

A new member firing NATO-standard cartridges joined the AK series rifle family, one of the most iconic weapons of the Cold War.

Kalashnikov Group introduced a new variant of the AK-12 rifle firing NATO standard cartridges. The new weapon, called AK-19, chambered for 5.56x45 mm NATO ammunition. The AK-19, which is stated to be under development, has some differences from its predecessor. In the statement made, these differences were stated as the design improved stock, lower profile receiver and adjustable length. Multi-slotted birdcage type flash hider also allows the use of suppressors. The polymer magazine of the AK-19, on the other hand, has a design that allows the checking of remaining ammunition.

Suitable for two-handed use, the AK-19; It will also be showcased at the Army 2020 Forum.

NATO Standard Kalashnikov

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