"NATO Can Deploy Missiles to Ukraine"

"NATO Can Deploy Missiles to Ukraine" 7 August, 2020

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko made statements concerning Russia, the United States and Ukraine in an interview.

NATO could deploy medium-range ballistic missiles in Ukraine, President Lukashenko said. Russia's aggression has accelerated Ukraine's quest for rapprochement with NATO, he said.

"It was a present for Americans. When Mike Pompeo was here, I asked him directly: "Mike, didn't Putin and I give you Ukraine as a present?" He laughed and wondered: "What do you mean, Mr. President?". "Well, I mean you don't want to place your middle-range missiles in Germany, Poland and Romania. You can come to terms with Ukraine now - it is under foreign aggression." Lukashenko said.

In June, NATO has accepted Ukraine as an Enhanced Opportunities Partner.

On Wednesday (05.08.2020) the Russian Federation's Defence Ministry announced that Moscow would deploy more than 800 weapons and military equipment, including the main combat tanks, to military training areas on the Border with Belarus.


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