Naval Group and Damen in the Final in the Netherlands 20 February, 2019

German TKMS and Spanish Navantia eliminated, Naval Group and Damen in the final in the Netherlands

The Dutch government has decided to eliminate the offers of the German TKMS with the Type 212CD and the Spanish Navantia with the S80, for the replacement of its four class Walrus submarines, leaving the Saab-Damen and the French Naval Group in the final.

According to the Dutch government, the German offer was eliminated on the basis of the preservation criteria of the country's naval industry, as well as on technical considerations, the Type212CD not meeting all the requirements of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

According to TKMS management, the Damen-Saab offer is based on a concept, and not an actual submarine, questioning the advertised performance.

It only remains Naval Group and Damen in tender.

Issue 86