Spain allows Navantia to Develop F110 Frigates

Spain allows Navantia to Develop F110 Frigates 4 December, 2019

Spanish Government, the Council of Ministers has authorised the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to sign an agreement with the entity Navantia S.A., for the development program of the F110 Frigates. The program will cost a maximum of 1,638 million euros over seven years (from 2019 to 2025).

The F110 frigates project will allow Navantia to be digitised through the Shipyard 4.0 program.

With the agreement, Navantia secures the sale of five F110 frigates.

The frigates will go through hydrodynamic tests to reduce consumption and reduce detectability. It will have hybrid motorisation with electric motor and gas turbine, integrated on-board information system (including ship maintenance), integrated combat system, cybersecurity, integrated mast with VHF systems, radar, electronic warfare, communications, navigation, etc.


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