Navy Helicopter Agreement

Navy Helicopter Agreement 18 May, 2020

India continues its naval investments due to the growing tension in the region, the platforms that have reached the end of its economic life and the consolidation of maritime domination. 

The US, which recently signed an agreement with India for the procurement of naval helicopters, took action for the production phase of the platforms. The US Navy signed a USD 904.8 million deal with Sikorsky, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, for the manufacture of 21 MH-60R Seahawks to the Indian Navy under FMS and three for self-usage. The total cost of the aircraft to the Indian Navy, whose delivery process is planned to continue until 2024, has been announced as 791.7 million USD.

MH-60R, which is a ship-based helicopter, was preferred by different countries. The platforms can perform anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare missions with equipment such as air-to-surface missile, torpedo, sonobuoy, dipping sonar and surface scanning radar as well as transport and search-rescue operations.

MH-60R Seahawks will replace the Sea King Mk 42B/C and Ka-28s of the Indian Navy with deliveries.

Navy Helicopter Agreement

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