Neptune Fleet Growing

Neptune Fleet Growing 27 June, 2019

Boeing continues its P-8 Poseidon sales with full speed. The company announced the approval of a new P-8 Poseidon sale.

After the Indian Ministry of Defence approved the procurement of additional Neptune (Poseidon's name in India), the procurement process began on the aircraft. In addition to the existing platforms in the inventory, India will procure 10 P-8 Neptune directly from Boeing, and the equipment, radar and weapon systems of the aircraft will be obtained through Foreign Military Sales (FMS). The total cost of this purchase, which is expected to be signed in 2020, is expected to be approximately 3 billion USD.

India, which has been using the Tu-142MK-E maritime patrol aircraft for many years, established the first P-8 Neptune fleet in November 2015 with the removal of these platforms. New Delhi, which has four additional P-8 orders in 2016, is scheduled to have 22 P-8I Neptune in its inventory with the latest procurement.

Neptune Fleet Growing

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