Nero: Priority is Civilian Market for Semiconductors

Nero: Priority is Civilian Market for Semiconductors 12 June, 2020

Alican Ökçün, whı is Nero Industries Chairman of the Board, operating in different areas of the defence industry, especially fire extinguishing and explosion suppression systems, has been a guest of C4Defence live broadcast guest on the Instagram account.

Making important statements about the company's activities, Ökçün gave information about processes such as semiconductor, silent generator, military power generation and distribution systems, AC-DC converters and test centre.

Nero Industries, which has received 1.6 billion Turkish Liras grant from the government in the past months, aims to focus on the civilian market in the semiconductors field. Semiconductors, which have become a part of our lives in many fields from simple remote controls to mobile phones, cameras to computers and even military subsystems, are the cornerstone of electronic systems. ASELSAN and one private venture already invested military semiconductor field in Turkey, underlining that there are significant investments in military subsystems, Nero's main objectives are civilian semiconductors.

The company, which has been operating in the field of a military generator for about six years, delivers more than 200 systems to the user annually. Stating that the experiences in the field of suppression systems that require advanced electronic and engineering infrastructure are also transferred to the military power systems sector. Military infrastructures, where confidentiality is essential, provide the necessary energy requirement from generators in field conditions. Nero manufactures energy systems at the level of 65 dB noise both during the first ignition and at the time of operation. In addition, the company, which carries out the design and development activities of AC-DC power converters, power distribution systems and laser warning equipment from A to Z, has developed and built test chambers with domestic capabilities.

Test infrastructures are important to test the boundaries of the platforms before they become operational and to determine their capabilities. The sole private dust and sand test chamber of Turkey, where, from the sub-components to the main battle tanks can be tested, large number of tools and equipment assays can be performed. The system provides measurements in parameters such as high temperature and solar radiation. Nero also launched a test chamber that enables electronic warfare resistance to be tested in a wide spectrum range.

The infrastructure works for the semiconductor plant are expected to start in the March-April period of 2021 and the first phase is completed within 1 year, and the building is put into operation. Alican Ökçün announced that agreements have been signed with many public institutions and organizations in this field and that programs for doctoral students have been launched in the first place to train staff. In the 10-year period, the goal is to train at least 1000 semiconductor designers.

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Nero: Priority is Civilian Market for Semiconductors

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