New AFV Introduced

New AFV Introduced 12 June, 2019

Singapore Armed Forces introduced a new generation armoured fighting vehicle. Vehicle named as Hunter and it has a completely digital infrastructure.

Singapore Ministry of Defence said in a statement that the new vehicle has higher firepower than its predecessors. The vehicle is said to be one of the core of the Singapore Army's transformation into a new generation of structure and is reported to be faster, smarter and more effective than the M113 Ultra vehicles that it will replace. Fully digital Hunter requires fewer crew members and features the ARTEMIS C4 suite and a drive by wire system. The vehicle weighs 29.5 tons and is 6.9 meters long and 3.4 meters wide. It can be managed by a three-man crew and can carry eight fully equipped personnel. Combat, command-control, bridge, engineering and armoured recovery variants are planned to be produced. Hunter's combat model has the remote-controlled turret, 1x30 mm gun, 1x7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and two anti-tank guided missile. The vehicle can up to 70 km / h and has 500 km of range.

New AFV Introduced

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