New Air-to-Surface Anti-Ship Missile of Roketsan

New Air-to-Surface Anti-Ship Missile of Roketsan 19 June, 2020

TEI (TUSAŞ Engine Industries) developed TJ-300 medium-range missile engine with the TUBITAK TEYDEB support and conducted the First Start and Presentation Ceremony in its facilities located in Eskişehir.

TEI General Manager Prof. Dr. Mahmut Akşit; announced that the TJ-300 was developed for a solution of Roketsan during the event. While giving information about the starting process of the engine, Prof. Dr. Akşit's words: "... we will start with your start command after that will proceed automatically, so is it in the missile. After pilot pressing the button..."; brought to mind that the ammunition could be an air-to-surface system. It is stated that the new missile will be 3.2 meters long and 300 kilograms.

These features of the guided projectile brought the Marte missile to mind. The solution that Roketsan is working on seems to be an alternative to MBDA production missile in the international market.

Marte, the Medium Range Light Ship Weapon System, was developed by the MBDA. Effective at about 30 km range, the missile is 3.8 metres long and weighs 310 kilograms. The missile developed for the active radar homing guidance system has a warhead semi-armour-piercing high explosive warhead. The ammunition, equipped with impact and proximity type fuse, features sea-skimming capability and advances to its target in any weather conditions, including day or night. Offering the opportunity of rapid reaction to the user with both launch time and high subsonic speed, Marte has the fire-and-forget capability. The Marte missile family is already integrated into naval helicopters such as SH-3D, NH90NFH and EH-101.

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New Air-to-Surface Anti-Ship Missile of Roketsan

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