New Anti-UAV Systems to the US

New Anti-UAV Systems to the US 23 January, 2017

The US has received and deployed new Anti-UAV Defence Systems (AUDS), developed by a UK defence consortium comprised of Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics, and Enterprise Control Systems (ECS). Blighter Surveillance Systems published a press release on 18 January stating that the system has reached Technology Readiness Level 9 (TRL 9) following deployment with US military and will be used to protect critical military assets of US Forces. TRL-9 is the very highest technology readiness level that a technology system can attain. The number of the systems provided were not disclosed. Designed to counter small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), AUDS features Blighter Systems' A400 Series Ku-band electronic scanning air security radar, Chess Dynamics' Hawkeye stabilised electro-optic director, infrared and daylight cameras, and target tracking software; ECS’s a directional RF inhibitor.

Issue 86