New APFSDS to Russian Tanks

New APFSDS to Russian Tanks 21 January, 2020

Russia, which is carrying out new system procurement projects in addition to modernization activities to improve the capabilities of the army, does not neglect the ammunition area. The Russian Ministry of Defence announced that new armor-piercing ammunition was ordered for tanks using 125 mm barrels.

According to a report published in the Russian media, the Russian Ground Forces will supply a new generation of armor-piercing ammunition. The new ammunition, described as 3BM44M "Lekalo", is APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot / Sabot Releasing Arm Stabilized Armor Piercing). It is estimated that the ammunition, which has been under development for a while, has an advanced darts made of tungsten. According to the Russian press, the ammunition, which can be fired from all 125 mm barrels used in the Russian Ground Forces, can reach a range of five thousand metres depending on the barrel used. It is also claimed that Lekalo can pierce western main battle tanks from 2,000 metres.

New APFSDS to Russian Tanks

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