New Artillery Shell for New Howitzer

New Artillery Shell for New Howitzer 24 July, 2020

The development of the elements that will infiltrate behind the front and hunt the field artillery and the increase in air support costs encourage countries to develop longer-range artillery systems.

The U.S. made a $ 33 million deal with BAE Systems for the new long-range artillery system. In this context, the company will manufacture LR-PGK (Long Range Precision Guidance Kit) for 155 mm artillery rounds. The system, which is stated to be critical for the Army's long-range artillery program, enables high-precision shooting at long range. It is stated that LR-PGK is a cost-effective solution for the long-range artillery requirement for the artillery field, one of the force's top priority modernization programs. The system, which has a GPS based, anti-jamming environment friendly navigation system, makes flight corrections with a very low CEP value by making flight corrections with the roll-stabilization system, antenna array and canard control.

The US, which has M109 self-propelled and M777 towed howitzer, with a barrelled artillery system equipped with 39 calibre barrels that can shoot at the longest range for a long time, has launched the ERCA (Extended Range Cannon Artillery) Program in recent years. In this context, a 155 mm 58 calibre barrel was integrated into a carrier platform adapted on the M109 chassis and accurate shots were fired at a range of 65 kilometres.

New Artillery Shell for New Howitzer

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