New Assault Rifle Selection

New Assault Rifle Selection 19 June, 2020

Thanks to the developing materials and machining technologies, infantry rifles offer high firepower precisely in portable dimensions to a single soldier.

DAPA (Defence Acquisition Program Administration), the defence procurement arm of the Republic of Korea, announced that DSAR-15PCs were selected as part of the Special Warfare Command requirement. Under the $ 3.1 million program, the short-barreled CQB (Close Quarter Battle) model of weapons will be procured.

The number of rifles, which will be delivered to the 13th Special Mission Brigade and the 707th Special Mission Group, which will receive a total of 1000 rifles, is planned to reach 15,000 by 2023. All special forces units will be equipped with DSAR-15s, where improvements will be made in line with received feedbacks.

DSAR-15PC fires 5.56x45 mm NATO rounds with a short-stroke gas system and a rotating mechanism, similar to HK416 assault rifles made by Heckler & Koch. The effective range of the rifle, which can reach 950 rounds per minute rate of fire, is 550 metres. Weighing 3 kilograms, the DSAR-15PC equipped with 11.5 inch (287.5 mm) long barrel.

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