New Assault Rifle

New Assault Rifle 20 May, 2020

Japan, which has been arming rapidly in recent times due to the increasing threat factors in the region and the need for modernization of the army, introduced its new assault rifle.

Developed to replace 5.56x45mm Type 89 rifles in the inventory, Type 20 uses the same caliber ammunition. Rifles are the first system that Japan will procure as standard infantry rifles in 31 years since 1989, when the Type 89's were put in inventory. New weapons are more resistant to water and corrosion, according to the Japanese Ministry of Defence. This enables the Type 20 to be used in an amphibious operation to be carried out in the region called Islands Chain.

Type 20, developed by Howa, has a short stroke gas piston system. The length of the rifle, which provides ergonomic use with adjustable cheekrest and buttstock, varies from 783 to 854 mm. Type 20, has 3.5 kg weight, uses 30-round STANAG compatible magazine. The gun has a safety / firing mode selector and a magazine release latch that allow two-handed use. The rifle is equipped with a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail, full length of the upper part of the receiver and partially under handguard which allows  different optical and electro-optic equipment to be attached. The handguard is in M-LOK structure, which is compatible with the integration of different hardware. The rifle has a folding iron sight as standard. According to the information released by the Ministry of Defense at the press conference, Type 20 allows the installation of Beretta GLX-160 rifle grenade launchers.

Another issue discussed in defence lobbies is that the Type 20, whose unit cost is calculated as 2,600 US Dollars, will taken delivery 3,283 units in the first batch and distributed to the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade.

New Assault Rifle

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