New Combat Outfit for Soldiers

New Combat Outfit for Soldiers 16 August, 2019

Russian soldiers will be protected with new combat outfit. About 2,000 servicemen of the Central Military District deployed in the Samara and Orenburg regions have received a new Ratnik combat gear. The Ratnik is part of a project designed to improve the capability of each individual soldier on the battlefield.


The Ratnik gear is a system of modern protective and communication devices, weapons and ammunition. It consists of a helmet, a body armour; a one-piece coverall; hearing protection gear; protective glasses; a protective set for knees and elbows; a grenade launcher, submachine gun; sniper rifle, ammunition; a day and night sighting system; optical and thermal weapon sights, etc.


Ratnik has life-support and power supply elements as well as reconnaissance, control and communication devices. Besides, the outfit comprises a multifunctional knife, summer two-side camouflage sets; a backpack, an individual water filter; breath protection devices; means of radiological and chemical control and a medical kit.


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