New Details for 'Flanker's Export Variant

New Details for 'Flanker's Export Variant 3 April, 2017

Russia revealed new performance details of the Su-30SME, the export variant of the Sukhoi 'Flanker' fighter aircraft, during the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) exhibition in Malaysia. 

Powered by two AL-31FP afterburner jet engines with thrust vectoring control, the Su-30SME has a maximum take-off weight of 34 thousand kg and can reach a speed of 1.75 Mach. The operational range of the aircraft is 3 thousand km at a high altitude and at a speed of 900 km/h. The sea-level range is one thousand 280 km at a speed of 800 km/h. The aircraft also features an upgraded avionics suite, infrared and laser targeting pods, a new fire control radar which can track 15 aerial targets simultaneously, an integrated electro-optical targeting sensor, a laser inertial navigation system and satellite navigation system compatible with the GLONASS and NAVSTAR formats.

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