New Era in the Pacific Fleet

New Era in the Pacific Fleet 7 October, 2019

Project 20385 lead corvette armed with Kalibr cruise missiles and will be commissioned into service with the Russian navy by the end of 2019. The Gremyashchiy class Russian designation Project 20385, is an advanced development of the Steregushchiy-class corvettes of the Russian Navy. The warship has completed 70% of sea trials. The shipbuilders tested the boat's main propulsion unit in various speed modes, navigation and communications systems, performance, manoeuvrability, habitability, and life support conditions, Severnaya Shipyard said in a statement Friday.

Aviation facilities of Project 20385 battleships includes helipad and hangar to house Kamov Ka-27 anti-submarine warfare helicopters.The Project 20385 corvette has a displaces 2,200 tonnes, speeds up to 26 The ships of this project are armed with the Kalibr-NK universal missile system, Redut antiaircraft systems, two AK-630M 30-mm anti-aircraft guns, and the Paket anti-submarine system. Project 20385 will become the first warship in the Pacific Fleet to carry Kalibr cruise missiles.

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