New Generation Ilyushin Met with Skies

New Generation Ilyushin Met with Skies 12 November, 2018

Russia has announced maiden flight of first serial production standard Il-76MD-90A aircraft. CEO of Ilyushin company has announced the news on the official Facebook account.

The first prototype of the aircraft, which was defined as the second generation of the Il-76 transport aircraft, met the sky in 2012. The aircraft was equipped with 10% more efficient PS-90A-76 engines. The platform, which can transport 52 tons payload to 5,000 kilometers range, was able to reach 4000 kilometres with 47 tons payload before development works.


For the next-generation platform which to be used in forest firefighting missions, Russia has signed an agreement with UAC (United Aircraft Corporation) to procure 39 aircraft. Russia will pay a total of US $ 2.1 billion for these aircraft.

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