New Helmet Mounted Display for F-16

New Helmet Mounted Display for F-16 5 August, 2020

F-16 Fighting Falcon, which is one of the most successful fighters in the world, continues its development.

The platform, which made its first flight more than 40 years ago, is getting stronger every day in order to meet the requirements of the modern battlefield. Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the platforms, recently announced that a new helmet-mounted cueing system has been flight-tested for the "V" model of the F-16s. It is stated that the new system is Elbit production JHMCS II (Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System II). After the safety qualification test, wind gust test, tower and skid tests, the new equipment went on its first flight with an F-16V.

The helmet developed by Collins Elbit Vision Systems which is a joint subsidiary of Elbit Systems of America and Collins Aerospace companies is planned to be marketed as the standard helmet system for F-16V and F-16 Block 70/72 aircraft. The equipment, which provides a wide angle of view to the user, enables the pilot to visually follow the target, lock it and engage in an easier way. Offering the possibility of switching between modes with one hand, JHMCS II also reduces the workload of the aviator by giving all the data coming from the aircraft to the pilot's visor with a simple symbology. JHMCS II stands out with its structure suitable for use with -4949 Night Vision Goggles (GGG).

New Helmet Mounted Display for F-16

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