New LHD Delivered to US Navy

New LHD Delivered to US Navy 1 March, 2020

US Navy, which continues to studies at full capacity to maintain and modernize amphibious assault capability, the received its new LHD.

The acceptance of the new platform, which was built by the main contractor, Huntington Ingalls Industries Shipyard, was completed after the navy acceptance trials. The ship, which is expected to significantly increase the force transport capability of the US Marine Corps, stands out with its features such as expanded hangar deck, increased maintenance capacity and higher capacity JP-5 fuel cisterns.

USS Tripoli, which was announced to start duty with an acceptance ceremony after its arrival in San Diego, California, was launched in 2017. The ship, which is 257 meters long, is 32 meters wide and gets its power from 70,000 HP gas turbine drive system. The displacement of the platform is approximately 46 thousand tons and is suitable for the use of all aircraft in the Marine Corps inventory, including F-35B Lightning II and AV-8B Harrier II.

New LHD Delivered to US Navy

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