New Medium Tank For the Army

New Medium Tank For the Army 28 April, 2020

Despite COVID-19, armament programs around the world continue in progress without disruption.

A delegation from the US Army visited General Dynamics and BAE Systems facilities on April 23. In this context, the prototype of the new MPF (Mobility, Protection, Firepower) platform developed by General Dynamics Land Systems was also inspected. MPF, developed for the need of a tracked platform that will provide protection, firepower to the personnel of the Army and can co-operate with other elements, weighs 38 tons. In the vehicle, where the engine is positioned at the front, will be operated by four crew members; the driver, the gunner, the loader and the commander. Equipped with 105mm main gun and M1A2 SEPv3 fire control system, the platform has CITV (Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer), which increases situational awareness. The vehicle, whose turret structure is similar to the M1 Abrams tanks,propelled by the diesel engine.

USA plans to acquire more than 500 units of MPF, which is developed for use in all environments where M1 Abrams main battle tanks will be overpowered, especially urban areas. Countries, especially in the Monsoon areas, are also interested in new generation medium weight class tanks. Thanks to their low weight, platforms that have higher mobility in heavy terrain conditions than main battle tanks have an important market in the countries of the region. FNSS also developed the Kaplan MT with similar features for PT Pindad and the Indonesian Army. Otokar had developed a similar platform over the Tulpar armoured combat vehicle hull. Kaplan MT and Tulpar have a turret equipped with 105 mm main gun, similar to MPF.

New Medium Tank For the Army

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