New Missiles Accepted

New Missiles Accepted 1 August, 2018

Ukraine has completed the acceptance tests of the new Stugna-P and Corsar anti-tank missiles. In the tests, it was reported that the acceptance of the state-owned Kiev Design Bureau "Luch" production of Stugna-P and Corsar firers was reported. After the tests, the Ukrainian Army has gained its new missiles.

The Stugna-P (Export version name: Skif) missile has a warhead that is also effective to ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour). has a warhead that can be genuinely effective at reinforced targets. The missile, which can be used against fortifications, low-speed helicopters, reinforced targets, armored vehicles, can be effective against targets at 100 to 5,500 meters all weather conditions.

The low-weight tactical missile named the Korsar (Corsair) missile is designed with user safety on the front panel. The first firing test of the missle, which has a remote control or a launcher platform that allows the user to launch behind a cover was carried out in 2013. The system, which has semi-active laser guidance, can be effective in targets at 100 to 2, 550 meters range. The system weighs 26 kilograms and has 3.7 kilograms of warhead.

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New Missiles Accepted

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