New Order for Spike LR II

New Order for Spike LR II 26 October, 2017

Israel has ordered more than 1,000 Spike LR II missiles according to Rafael Advanced Defence Systems announcement on 24 October. “The addition of the Spike LR II will enhance both its infantry engagement range and its lethality against a large variety of targets,” the company said. 

The Israeli company's Internet-connected 5G missile can be fired from land, a helicopter, or a ship. When fired from land, it can strike targets at a range of 5.5 kilometers. When fired from a helicopter, its maximum range is 10 kilometers. Two warhead configurations can be mounted on the new missiles: a double warhead, which provides more than 30% in added penetration in comparison with its predecessor and a multi-purpose warhead whose fuse and damage effect caused when hitting the target can be controlled.

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