New Truck-mounted Howitzer by Russia

New Truck-mounted Howitzer by Russia 28 November, 2017

Russian defence industry is expanding its capabilities developing new wheeled self-propelled howitzer mounted on an 8×8 high mobility truck chassis.

The first photo of new wheeled self-propelled howitzer called the 2S35-1 Koalitsiya-SV-KSh was released by journalist Jaroslav Gunin. The 2S35-1 Koalitsiya-SV-KSh howitzer was spotted during a showy event at the training ground in the Nizhny Novgorod region in August 2017.

The 2S35-1 is a self-propelled 152mm gun-howitzer, installed on an 8X8 KAMAZ-6560 truck chassis with exactly the same turret as the 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled gun with some differences.

The new wheeled howitzer and self-propelled version are developed by JSC Central Research Institute Burevestnik,  which is part of the UralVagonZavod group.

The main armament as a 152 mm gun with a range of up to 70 kilometres using precision-guided rounds and up to 40 km with standard rounds that are currently used on Msta-S. The claimed average rate of fire is around 16 rounds per minute, with a maximum rate of 20 rounds per minute. The system can automatically select the appropriate shell type for a task and the amount of charge required.

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