New UAV for Aircraft Carrier

New UAV for Aircraft Carrier 18 September, 2019

China to deploy Sharp Sword stealth drone on Type-001A Carrier by end of the year. The drone will feature on October 1 at the National Day parade in Beijing.

The platform will be deployed on the second ship of its class developed through China's first aircraft carrier, Liaoning.  “In order to reduce its weight, the reconnaissance version of the Sharp Sword would not carry weapons despite having two internal bomb bays, because it needs to fit the ski-jump take-off ramp on the Type 001A. This drone’s key mission will be gathering intelligence for ship-borne missile systems, enabling the missiles to accurately hit targets that are 300 km to 400 km away,” the PLAN source explained.

 “China has learned the technology from the US and France.  The US is developing a similar drone, the Boeing MQ-25 Stingray, and France has the experimental Dassault nEUROn carrier-based UAV,” the sources said.

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