NGSW to Increase the Firepower of the Army

NGSW to Increase the Firepower of the Army 16 September, 2019

SIG SAUER publicly unveiled its entry for the US Army's Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) programme at the DSEI 2019 defence exhibition in London.

The aim of the NGSW is to provide the US infantryman with greater firepower, mobility, and lethality by replacing the current M4 carbines and M249 machine guns in service with a new rifle and machine gun firing a new 6.8 mm calibre intermediate cartridge. In order to meet the US Army's requirement for 20% lighter ammunition and 30% more energy than current 7.62×51 mm NATO cartridges, SIG SAUER patented a new method of fixing a steel base by adding a washer to the brass body of the cartridge case.

The solution showcased by SIG SAUER revolves around a new 6.8×51 mm hybrid cartridge, the MG-6.8 light machine gun, the SPEAR assault rifle, and corresponding suppressors and electro-optical sighting systems. The whole system is the result of a USD40 million investment by the company over a two-year period.

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