No New Order to the F-35 Production Line

No New Order to the F-35 Production Line 21 January, 2019

Japan, which made the biggest breakthrough since the Second World War in the field of defence, has news.

Japan will not produce more F-35 Lightning II with the “new plan of procurement of high-performance equipment at the most affordable prices” and “review of the costs of the ongoing projects”. In the new budget plan, which was announced in recent weeks, Japan's additional F-35 Lightning II procurement was also finalized. The details of the order, which will make Japan the largest foreign F-35 user, have started to be announced. The first detail is very noticeable. According to the decision, additional platforms will not be produced in the F-35 Lightning II production line established in Japan and will be procured directly from the US. Official confirmation of the decision has not yet come

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