North Korea Continue Trials 4 October, 2019

Ballistic missile tests carried out by North Korea which caused countries’ reaction; has been postponed for a while. The silence of the Pyongyang administration was broken by a new launch, a first among the long-running tests carried out recently.

In trial attempt, a ballistic missile launched from the submarine which was scheduled to begin at a different level conversation between North Korean officials and the United States. The test was carried out from an offshore platform. It flew through a ballistic path to a distance of 401 kilometres from ashore of North Korea and crashed into the sea off the coast of Japan's Oki Islands. According to the claim of the Japanese press, the missile can reach a range of approximately 2300 kilometres. After the missile test; the Republic of Korea reported that they are in stress about this underwater launch. The trial is a critical ability demonstration for the administration of Pyongyang, which underwent modifications to launch a ballistic missile from a former Soviet submarine.

Issue 86