Northrop Defence to Korea

Northrop Defence to Korea 17 November, 2016

The Republic of Korea is to acquire Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) System, equipment, training, and support from Northrop Grumman, announced on the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency on 16 November. LAIRCM is an active countermeasure system designed to protect large aircraft from man-portable missiles by directing a high-intensity modulated laser beam into the missile seeker. Each LAIRCM system consists of the following major defense equipment: three Guardian Laser Terminal Assemblies, six Ultra-Violet Missile Warning System Sensors AN/AAR-54, one LAIRCM System Processor Replacement, one Control Indicator Unit Replacement, one Smart Card Assembly, one High Capacity Card, and User Data Memory card. The estimated cost of the possible military sales contract is $141 million. 

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