Nuclear Howitzer Moderdinsed

Nuclear Howitzer Moderdinsed 9 April, 2020

Self-propelled howitzers, which are capable of firing nuclear artillery projectiles, was developed to destroy large enemy units that would be encountered in a possible Third World War. Although nuclear rounds have been phased out of service today, the systems that use them are still in operation.

Russia is modernizing its 2S7M Malka self propelled howitzers in its inventory. The platform, which has been upgraded in this context, has been tested recently. In a statement from UralVagonZavod, a subsidiary of Rostec, Malka's gearbox, power distribution equipment and power supply systems have been renewed. The imported products changed the domestic ones and platforms equipped with a new radio. During the trials of the platform, mobility, chassis strength, engine and transmission components were tested. In addition, the loader and 2A44 fire control system were also tested.

The modernized version of the 2S7 Pion self-propelled howitzer, 2S7M Malka has a 203 mm 56 calibre barrel. Pions were developed in line of the need for a self-propelled motor howitzer equipped with a heavy barrel for defence suppression missions of the Soviet Army. In the first modernization, the loading system was improved and the platforms, which rate of fire increased and the internal ammunition capacity was increased to eight, can use different types of ammunition. Due to the low number of ammunition it carries, the number of crews of platforms assigned with ammunition supply vehicles can increase up to 14. Malkas, with a combat weight of 46.5 tons, has an 840 HP engine and a 650 km operational range. The platforms are equipped with sight for direct shooting due to tank threats. Platforms, which provide accurate shots at a range of 30 km with standard ammunition, can destroy targets within a range of 47.5 kilometers with rocket-assisted projectiles.

203 mm artillery systems have high efficiency especially on targets in mountainous areas due to the amount of filler carried by the projectiles. These howitzers, which have a wider effective radius than 155 mm ammunition, were developed especially for tasks such as destruction of heavy fortifications. Although thought to be taken out of inventory today, 2S7M Malka's also have the ability to use nuclear artillery ammunition.

Nuclear Howitzer Moderdinsed

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