Nuclear Submarine at Sea Trials

Nuclear Submarine at Sea Trials 18 May, 2020

Sea trials of Barracuda platforms, which are planned to replace Rubis class submarines that have reached the end of their life, have begun.

The French Navy, started to test phase of FS Suffren (Q 284), the first platform built under the Barracuda-class submarine program, The submarine was recently subjected to vertical replenishment trials VERTREP for the first time with an NH90 NFH helicopter. This process has great importance in issues such as medical evacuation, goods and material supply.

Sea trials, which started in the Atlantic Ocean, will continue in the Mediterranean in the ongoing process. In the trials planned to continue for three months, all parameters of the platform will be tested.

The fuel life of Barracuda class nuclear submarines with diving displacement of 5,300 tons is 10 years. The ships, which are 99.5 meters long, have four torpedo tubes and 20 storage areas for different weapons such as F21 Artemis heavy torpedoes, SM39 Exocet Blok 2 anti-ship missiles, SCALP cruise missiles and FG29 mines.

Nuclear Submarine at Sea Trials

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