Laser Protection for Nuclear Submarines

Laser Protection for Nuclear Submarines 4 August, 2020

Thanks to the advances in technology, the use of lasers on marine vessels is becoming widespread.

In the images published by the USA, the laser was integrated into the USS Minnesota (SSN 783) nuclear submarine. In the photo, the LA-9 / P system, which temporarily blinds the enemy elements, was seen on the Virginia class platform.

LA-9 / P, which has been developed to suppress the imaging equipment of surface, underwater or aerial platforms approaching the ship, has a built-in laser rangefinder. In this way, the equipment that interrupts the beam transmission as the threat enters the distance where the threatening element can damage the human retina. The system is effective at 1.5 kilometres during daytime conditions and 4 kilometres in night conditions. The system, with a power of 250 milliwatts, can also be used for communication.

Laser Protection for Nuclear Submarines

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