Nurol Makina Exhibits Ejder Yalçın in Slovakia

Nurol Makina Exhibits Ejder Yalçın in Slovakia 18 May, 2018

Ejder Yalçın, the 4x4 Armored Combat Vehicle, which promises the highest ballistic and mine protection in its class, will be showcased at IDEB International Defence Exhibition which will be held 16-18 May in Bratislava, Slovakia.

In service of several armies in Africa, Middle East and Asia; Ejder Yalçın pursued export opportunities in Slovakia. FNSS and Nurol Makina, both are in Armored Vehicle business and having Nurol Corporate as shareholder, jointly conducts marketing of Ejder YALÇIN at the fair.

Based on user requirements, it can easily be customized to different configurations such as; Border Surveillance and Security Vehicle, Air Defence Vehicle, Reconnaissance Vehicle, Command and Control Vehicle, Mine/IED Detection-Clearence Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Personnel Carrier, CBRN Surveillance Vehicle, Mobile ATGM and Armored Ambulance.

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