Nurol Makina Named its NMS "Yörük"

Nurol Makina Named its NMS "Yörük" May 11, 2018

Nurol Machinery, one of the Turkish armored vehicle manufacturers, named its 4x4 NMS as "Yörük" (Nomad). Yörük first participated in Efes 2018 military exercise. Nurol Makina Business Development Manager Hakan Arısüt said that the search for a name of the vehicle was a result of the ongoing quests and added: "Our new vehicle was named Yörük and we expect it to serve for our security and armed forces and to honour our country in the best possible way by opening abroad in this perspective. We have its patent. We want to reflect the synergy achieved in Ephesus Exercise to both domestic and foreign markets and to see our country's flag to keep flying in global market."

Weighing eight tons, Yörük has a total carrying capacity of four tons. The vehicle's mine protection level was designed to withstand six kilograms of TNT explosion under the wheel and shaft.

The vehicle with a turn radius of six meters is able to maneuver easily in residential operations.

Nurol Machinery signed an agreement with Qatar for NMS exports.

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