Obstacle to Technology Transfer to India

Obstacle to Technology Transfer to India 9 September, 2016

The issue of technology transfer puts a hold on Lockheed and Boeing’s proposed moving of F-16s and F/A-18s production to India in the hopes of attracting new sales. The Air Force Secretary has just come back from a trip to the Asia-Pacific region in August during which she discussed the possible sales of F-16s and F/A-18s with Indian defence officials to help promote the US defence industry and further military cooperation between the two nations. She emphasised that the technology transfer issue would be a key determinant to close the deal. While India is hoping for such technology transfer in an effort to expand the country’s manufacturing sector in the scope of Make in India initiative, Boeing and Lockheed have made buying fighter jets a condition of any possible deal to move production to India, as two fighter jets are aging and the companies’ focus are on selling new technologies. Negotiations with the US and Indian governments are ongoing, however the timeline is uncertain.

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