Malaysia's Howitzer will be Inventory Soon

Malaysia's Howitzer will be Inventory Soon 10 March, 2020

Malaysia's Ministry of Defence had bought 18 LG1 Mk towed howitzer from France in April 2018. All 18 howitzers were originally scheduled for delivery by February 2020, although Nexter confirmed that they would be able to deliver all 18 howitzers within 2020. The contract includes the 18 fully digitizer LG1 Mk. III light guns, the BACARA compact portable ballistic computer for battery unit level, and an unspecified quantity of high explosive base-bleed extended range G3 ammunition.
Nexter's Malaysia-based partner Advance Defence Systems (ADS) received six kits for towed howitzers. ADS is planned to set up howitzer and deliver it to Malaysia.

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