Offer To Turkey: "More Than Typhoon"

Offer To Turkey: "More Than Typhoon" 13 May, 2017

The Eurojet consortium competing in Turkey's National Combat Aircraft project F-X, announced the content of its proposal. During IDEF fair, Clemens Linden, Chief Executive Officer of the consortium, reminded that the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft is powered with the EJ200 turbofan engines produced by the Eurojet consortium. Linden stated that they offered this engine to the Turkish Air Force. A joint production of four countries - the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain - so far, more than 500 aircraft entered inventory. EJ200 engines used on the aircraft produces 13 thousand 500 pounds of thrust (20 thousand 230 pounds with afterburner), giving this air platform a speed of 2,195 km/h at 10 thousand 975 meters altitude. The aircraft gains altitude of 318 meters per second thanks to the engines.

Linden noted that the Turkish Air Force had requested the throttle boost on the Eurofigther Tyhpoon engine in a statement to C4Defence. According to this statement, if the Eurojet Consortium is preferred in the National Combat Aircraft, the engine that will emerge will have a stronger thrust than the current one.

The Eurojet Consortium consists of MTU Aero Engines from Germany, Rolls-Royce from the UK, Avio from Italy and ITP from Spain.

Suggestion packages for the power ratios and the company's approach to political relations between Turkey and European countries will be discussed in an interview on our 51st issue.

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