Okumuş at C4Defence Live Broadcast

Okumuş at C4Defence Live Broadcast 15 May, 2020

Gürcan Okumuş, Director of the TÜBİTAK Defence Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE), affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Technology, is now a guest of C4Defence Instagram. The live broadcasting will start at 18:00, and we will discuss the vision, designs and works of SAGE.

SAGE has the signature of many products and concepts that are closely seen in the field of defence. Stand-Off Missile (SOM), Precision Guidance Kit (HGK), Bozok, Penetrating Bomb (NEB), Poultry Guidance Kit (UPS), Tendürek, Göktuğ, Thermal Battery, KÜFİF, KKS Antenna, Atlas, Tapa, The project was included in the program SAGE. The institution ensures that the Ankara Wind Tunnel (ART), whose foundations were laid in 1946, but that has been used actively since 1993, provides service. SAGE Institute Director Do not miss the live broadcast for what you want to ask Okumuş.


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