New Customer to the Oplot

New Customer to the Oplot 10 October, 2019

Ukrainian Malyshev continues its Oplot deliveries. The company made a statement about the platforms at the Arms and Security 2019 exhibition organized by the media sponsorship of C4Defence.

Negotiations are under way between Ukraine and Thailand for new phase deliveries for Oplot tanks, which have already completed all deliveries to Thailand. It is stated that the negotiations with a third country for the Oplots, which are also included in the inventory of the Ukrainian Army, continue.

BM Oplot, developed by Ukraine with its own resources, has a 125 mm main weapon. In order to meet the electrical needs of the vehicle when the engine is not used, the platform has a auxiliary power unit and has 125 mm main weapon. The vehicle, powered by a 1200 HP engine, weighs 51 tons and has a range of about 500 km.

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