OSSA: 2023 Goals are Still Achievable

OSSA: 2023 Goals are Still Achievable 23 June, 2020

OSSA (OSTİM Defense and Aviation Cluster) Chairman Mithat Ertuğ has been a guest of live stream on C4Defence's official Instagram account. Ertuğ made statements about the future goals of OSSA.

Stating that OSSA's main target is to make companies exporting capable, Mithat Ertuğ stated that different processes were passed for this and some companies were certified for this goal. Referring to the existence of two parameters, finance and demand, for the feasibility of a matter, Ertuğ stated that there are demands due to the embargo in the domestic market. While it was announced that OSSA fulfilled all the demands, it was underlined that the targets of 2023 are still achievable if there will not be a new disease wave. Mithat Ertug underlines that the Small Manufacturers should be flexible and that the most important feature the need to make production in every aspect. He also underlined that Turkey's human infrastructure is better than many European countries.

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