Uzbek Ejder Yalcin Copied

Uzbek Ejder Yalcin Copied 21 August, 2020

Uzbekistan introduced the Tarlon 4x4 platform, which is allegedly developed with domestic resources, last July. The resemblance of the vehicle to Ejder Yalçın drew attention.

C4Defence learnt from Nurol Makina, the producer of Ejder Yalçın 4x4 that there were two MoUs signed with Uzbekistan. One was for production of 1000 Ejder Yalçın within country.  "The MoU made no progress" a Nurol Makina authority explained. Second  MoU was about procurement of 24 Ejder Yalçın. "First Ejder Yalçın was delivered by 2019" same person continued. Our source stated that they became aware of 4x4 by media. They were surprise by the extraordinary resemblence and underlined that Nurol Makina has no production facility in Uzbekistan.

C4Defence special report. It might be republished with reference to C4Defence.

Uzbek Ejder Yalcin Copied

Issue 86