Pakistan Inducts First Yarmook Corvette

Pakistan Inducts First Yarmook Corvette 15 July, 2020

Pakistan has commissioned the first of Yarmook-class corvettes built by Damen Shipyard Group based in the Netherlands.

A contract was signed between Pakistan and Damen Shipyard in 2017 for the construction of two corvettes. In February 2020, the first corvette was delivered to Pakistan by the F-271 PNS Yarmook at a ceremony in Romania.

Yarmook class platforms, designed based on OPV 1900 patrol ship, have 2,300 tons of displacement. The platform has a crew capacity of 138, and there is also a landing strip for helicopters on the deck.

The second corvette PNS Tabuk is scheduled to be delivered to Pakistan later this year.

PNS Yarmook made a goodwill visit to Turkey on March. 

Pakistan Inducts First Yarmook Corvette

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