Pakistan Test-Launched Long Range Cruise Missile

Pakistan Test-Launched Long Range Cruise Missile 21 February, 2020

Pakistan continues to increase the strength of the army with domestic weapons systems as well as foreign procurements. In this context, Islamabad carried out a long-range missile test launch.

The test launch of the cruise missile system named Ra'ad-II, which mock-up of missile exhibited for the first time in a military parade in 2017, was held last Tuesday. The system, whose range is almost doubled by its predecessor Ra'ad-I missile, can reach targets within 550-600 kilometers. Control interfaces of the missile, which is stated to have a more efficient engine and an improved air intake, have been redesigned. It is estimated that Ra'ad II, whose tail structure has been converted into "X" form and thought to be Mirage IIIs can carry only, can deliver conventional or nuclear warheads to targets in the interior areas of India thanks to advanced high-precision navigation systems. The 4.85 meter long missile is also known as Hatf VIII.

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Pakistan Test-Launched Long Range Cruise Missile

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