Pakistan Seeks for Long Range SAM

Pakistan Seeks for Long Range SAM 10 December, 2018

Pakistan, seeking to strengthen its air defence umbrella. Islamabad is now looking for a long-range air defence system following the procurement of the HQ-16 based LY-80 medium-range air defence system.

According to the Russian TASS News Agency, Pakistan is conducting a feasibility study for solutions to expand the air defence umbrella. The main focus of the studies is the Chinese FD-2000 system.

A total of nine ordered LY-80 systems were completed. All systems started to be negotiated in March 2017 for procurement are currently operational. In addition, Pakistan has contacted China for 200 QW-18 MANPAD launchers. In case of a positive outcome, the launchers will be produced in Pakistan under Chinese license at local facilities.

FD-2000 is an export version of the HQ-9 system. It has similar features to the Russian origin S-300 systems. FD-2000 has a semi-active radar homing guidance system and can reach up to 4.2 Mach. The FD-2000 can be effective at an altitude of 27,000 meters.

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