Pakistan's New Mysterious Submarine

Pakistan's New Mysterious Submarine 17 April, 2020

Pakistan is thought to have built a small-sized submarine about 17 meters long and two and a half meters wide designed for Special Forces. Us-based Forbes magazine reported that the platform was deployed at PNS Iqbal private naval base in Karachi, Pakistan.

The submarine is a small Special Forces type, measuring around 55 feet long by 7 to 8 feet across. That is a fraction of the size of a regular submarine. Its location and size both point to use by the Pakistani Navy's Special Service Group, known as SSG. They are equivalent to the U.S. Navy SEALs and use the 'SEAL' terminology.

This category of the submarine is called an X-Craft in Pakistani Navy parlance. It may be intended to replace the Pakistani Navy's existing X-Craft. Pakistan operates three MG-110 X-Craft which were built locally between 1993 and 1996.

One clue is that the boat first appeared in 2016. This may tie to a statement in the Pakistani Defence Production Division 2015-16 yearbook. It listed the "Indigenous design and construction of 01 Midget Submarine" as a target for 2016-2017.

Pakistan's New Mysterious Submarine

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